Looking for a dynamic speaker to instruct, inspire or train? The Seneca Council founder Neylan McBaine is available for hire.

Possible topics include:

The Workplace of the Future

The workplace has changed dramatically over the last few decades thanks to women in the workforce and the advent of technology. But even more dramatic change is ahead. Neylan will describe how workplace revolution of today will strengthen the workers and their families of tomorrow.

Minding the Gap

It's no longer just the right thing to do. Closing the gender gap is now a matter of survival. Increased profitability, engagement, and retention have to be top priorities for companies wanting to compete on the national or international stage. Why is this so important? And how can your company stay competitive?

The Unfinished Revolution: Don't Forget the Guys

The newest frontier of workplace gender optimization includes men more than ever before. Turns out that dads, too, want to spend time with their kids. Men, too, have parents to be cared for and mental health needs to be addressed. How can we include men in discussions about the workplace, both as advocates for women and also as beneficiaries themselves?

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