The Gender Optimized™(GO) Certification is your tool for ensuring and advertising a healthy workplace culture.


You want to increase retention. To drive profit. To invest in your employees, in their well being, in their families and in our futures. Don’t let unexamined behaviors or practices sabotage these good intentions.


Gender optimization leads to better business

A gender optimized work environment will lower your attrition by allowing people to see a path forward in your company when caring competes with career.




& Marketable Benchmarks


Did you know?

Recruiting and training a replacement employee costs an average of 150% of an employee’s salary.

Bonuses, subsidized
lunch and pool tables alone aren’t getting people to stay. Women look for different value from work than men.

60% of qualified women leave the workforce entirely or languish on the sidelines when care competes
with career.

Let’s talk gender optimization.