GO Benchmark

Are your intentions having the desired impact?

You know gender optimization is important in your workplace. But perhaps what you're doing isn't giving you the results you want. Or perhaps you think you can do even better.

The GO Benchmark allows a trained, independent assessor to privately evaluate your workplace's policies and practices using our proprietary tool. Comparing collected data against the established Seneca Council best practices, and keeping in mind each company's unique culture, industry and challenges, the GO Benchmark identifies specific and actionable areas for improvement. 

In contrast to the GO Certification (which is a public announcement of efforts and successes), the GO Benchmark process allows boards, executive teams, HR teams and Diversity and Inclusion directors to get a private and independent assessment of current conditions and a customized path to improvement. 

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What sets GO Benchmark apart


Third-party, ethnographic approach to assess whether the policies are actually being put into practice.



Committed to working with our assessed companies to help them grow and reach new heights


Consistently and independently applied benchmarks. No quotas or gaming of the system.