Our consultants can help you get closer to gender optimization today.

Not ready for the GO Certification? No problem. Tackling a specific challenge? We can help. Consultants from the Seneca Council use the gender optimization philosophy to help companies on a project basis.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Intent vs Impact - Are the company's policies having the intended affect? Are employees' experiences in practice meeting the vision of policies and benefits on paper? We can help you do a reality check to make sure your culture is really as functional in practice as you intend it to.
  • Networking Bias - Are women included in informal networking opportunities as often as men? Do men and women eat lunch together? Walk to meetings together? Share projects updates with each other in the break room? We can help you build informal and formal networking structures so that women aren't excluded from these important interactions.
  • "Micro inequities" - Biases and inequities come in undetected forms. For example, are there biases against fathers who express interest in working fewer hours so they can spend more time giving care to their children? Are lactation rooms so inconvenient and dirty that new mothers feel inherently unwanted? We help identify and solve inequities that might not fall into expected buckets.
  • On Ramping Programs - Want to tap into the vast potential of mothers with school-aged (or older) children? We specialize in helping companies craft "returnships" for more mature mothers who wish to reenter the working world. 
  • New Parent Integration - New parents want to do the best they can for their children. Most also want to remain serious about and committed to their jobs. We help companies craft flexible work policies for both mothers and fathers who don't want to have to choose between "caring and competing".